In 2018 Danny, a New York native with a background in the fine dining New York Resturaunt scene, started a meal prep company to provide gourmet healthy meals to Middle Tennessee, but would eventually grow to be much more. They now provide catering at the highest level of quality as well as having a cafe in which has hot food and prepped meals.

Danny‘s journey brought him to small town Tennessee from the “Big Apple” because of his deep passion for Christian ministry, and was involved in several nonprofit startups in Middle Tennessee. Danny says, “although I do in fact have a deep culinary passion, my true heart is for people and building relationships. And what better way to do that then through food. When I was doing missions work in India, one thing that became evident to me is that intrinsically in their culture, and in every culture really, eating is such a treasured communal act. Everybody loves food! Especially good food! It is a language that everybody speaks. Good food will unify any diverse group of people and is a beautiful way to share your culture with others”.

In the mist of his philanthropic journey He encountered Rosie Onderka, a German native who moved to the states about a decade prior. Danny quickly realized that Rosie, who had retired from owning her own highly successful German restaurant, not only had an unmatched talent in the culinary arts, but also had a deep passion for people.Together they have created a business that brings recipes from all over the globe to provide the highest quality of catering that Middle Tennessee has to offer. And they do it with extremely aggressive pricing so that it can be affordable to the masses.

In addition, by doing business with Mountain Top Meal Prep & Catering you are partnering with a company that invest in various nonprofits. They also have they’re very own homeless outreach Ministry in which they provide hot gourmet meals to those living on the streets of inner city Chattanoga. Danny says “bologna sandwiches are great but we want them to feel special, because they are special, so we bring our best”.